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Zip Code Finder Websites of 2020 Revealed!
almost 3 years ago

Zoning Improvement Plan, having the acronym ZIP, is a mail coding system introduced in 1963 as a professional way of arranging and delivering large volumes of mail.


While most nations have their own versions of this coding system, such as Postcodes, PIN codes, or Postal Codes, the United States has given it the name ZIP code. It includes five digits followed by a dash, and then four digits that signify a more specific place.


You can search address with ZIP/Postal or PIN code of any current location in the world with the help of ZIP code finder and lookup.What is common among all the countries is the distinctive alpha-numeric combinations that are used for sorting mail.


The area codes are used by telephones like a numbering system, and these codes are part of a telephone number, which connects to particular telephone exchanges in a specific area. When you are looking for the ZIP codes and area codes in your country, you basically end up searching either the internet or the year’s diary.


In order to make it easy for you, we have compiled a list of USA ZIP code and area code finder websites that will give you the code information of all the U.S. states.

Popular U.S. ZIP Code Finders and Lookups

1. AZIPCode.com

It features an interface based on Google Maps, showing the boundaries of every ZIP code. The search option in this ZIP code finder helps pinpoint more than 41,000 ZIP code locations that are indexed by it. You can enter the address or the ZIP (it can be a partial address, the state, or the city along with the state) to get the overall region on the map.


By clicking on a particular spot on the map, you can also get that place’s zip code. The area code for a specific location can also be obtained.


There is another option called “Zip Codes by Radius”, which can be used for searching ZIP codes using a radius measured in miles.

2. United States Postal Service (USPS)

The USPS is actually a ZIP code finder website and is a great choice if you wish to search for ZIP code info. The website was launched back in 1994 and is the first of its kind.


There are four tabs where you get the option of clicking on any of them and search by city, company, address or locate all the cities that are under one zip code.


3. Simply Zip Codes

It offers you many ZIP code finder services as a bundle. Aside from doing a ZIP code lookup, it allows you to lookup many zip codes simultaneously, searches by using a radius around a specific zip code, measures the distance between any two zip codes, and looks for all the ZIP codes related with a specific city.


There is an option called “Area Code Lookup”, which helps you in finding all the cities within an entered area code. A tally of cities and states, along with the zip codes will appear.


4. Unitedstateszipcodes.org

It is one of the most popular ZIP code finder websites on the internet, providing a comprehensive listing of ZIP codes of states, as well as a free ZIP code map.It allows you to look up extensive information about different ZIP codes in your country, including population demographics, school information, employment statistics, and housing and real estate data.


It also gives you access to various tools like shipping postage calculator, printable ZIP code maps, ZIP code by radius, and a downloadable database of ZIP codes.


5. MapsZipcode

It is a simple reverse ZIP code finding tool, which gives you proper location along with its clear view on Google maps. It also lets you search for a ZIP code, by entering the name of a city or state. Also, it has a US-map-based search option that allows you to click on a state and then pinpoint the city.


Another free tool included in MapsZipcode is a distance finder that measures the distance between two ZIP codes. There is also a tool that helps you locate all the ZIP codes in the proximity of a specific area.




As mentioned earlier, the main aim of ZIP codes is to help deliver the mails faster and more efficiently. With the introduction of the abovementioned searching services, it has now become easy to explore and lookup ZIP codes by specifying the name of the street and the city where you live. Using such searching tools, you can easily find the ZIP code of your choice in a few seconds.


Since many people tend to forget the postcodes and area codes, the ZIP code finders and lookups are a great boon in such cases.But why are postcodes so important? Firstly, you will need these digits when you send parcels or letters. However, there is no single reason using postal codes. Very often, you need the data to fill official forms such as health insurance, school applications, etc.


Another very critical reason why you need to memorize this or search it on the internet is the geological border. The code additionally gives a clear idea about the country where you stay. If your locality is near the border of a neighboring country, town, or province, postal codes or area codes can become an issue.


To tell the truth, postal codes or ZIP codes originally consisted of an exclusive two-digit system, in which the first digit signified the city, while the second one represented a certain state. When the requirement for transferring mail increased, the ZIP code became bigger with additional numbers. ZIP Codes now contain five digits, and each of them has its own significance for your parcel.


Among the five digits, the first one points out the general area. The number ranges from 0 (indicating the Northeast) to 9 (representing the far West). The next two numbers are used for signifying the code of a central post office building. The two digits at the end represent local post offices or small postal zones in your area.

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